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The birth of our company started with Glover Lawrence's meat shop located in Rolla B.C in 1931.  With the extension of the Northern Alberta Railway to Dawson Creek many merchants including Lawrence Meat Market moved to Dawson Creek in 1941.

In July of 1943 Joe Lafond joined Lawrence Meats. A short time later his wife Irene Lafond came to work as a secretary.  One year later in 1944 they bought a half interest in the business and when the company was incorporated in 1956 Joe Lafond became the principal owner.

A new slaughter facility was constructed and obtained federal inspection in 1966.  Prior to that the company name was changed to Lawrence Meat Packing Co. Ltd.

Today the Lafond family still owns and operates Lawrence Meat Packing Co. Ltd. and The Butcher Block retail meat stores in Dawson Creek and Fort St. John, B.C.

With the expansion of our retail business in Fort St. John, we transferred to the BC Provincial inspection system.  Our focus is on serving BC and the Peace River area in particular.

We pride ourselves as a locally owned and operated family business. Our focus is on quality, price and service.  We also maintain that it is our staff and our valued customers that have made this company a success.


Lawrence Meat Packing Co. Ltd. is a provincially inspected meat packing plant providing wholesale meat and meat products to restaurants and businesses.  We have a variety of local beef and pork and locally made meat products.  We also bring in key products like fish and poultry to meet the needs of our customers.

We also provide services for custom beef, pork, bison, lambs and goats which include:
Sausage products
Cutting & wrapping
Quick freezing & boxing